Crawl Floor Insulation

Crawl Floor Insulation

Liquid Foam Insulation


All Knauf Insulation products are sustainable, but EcoBatt® Glasswool Insulation with ECOSE® Technology takes that standard to a whole new level. ECOSE Technology is a revolutionary, more sustainable binder based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials. Combine ECOSE Technology with sand—one of the world’s most abundant resources—and a minimum 60% post-consumer recycled bottle glass and the result is Knauf Insulation’s EcoBatt Insulation.

UltraTouch Denim

UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation is the successful combination of 35 years of insulation experience and a revolutionary patented manufacturing process that has created a superior and safe product.

UltraTouch is made from high-quality natural fibers. These fibers contain inherent qualities that provide for extremely effective sound absorption and maximum thermal performance. UltraTouch has No Fiberglass Itch and is easy to handle and work with. UltraTouch contains no chemical irritants and requires no warning labels compared to other traditional products. There are no VOC concerns when using UltraTouch, as it is safe for you and the environment.

UltraTouch is also a Class-A Building Product and meets the highest ASTM testing standards for fire and smoke ratings, fungi resistance and corrosiveness. UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation contains 80% post-consumer recycled natural fibers making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to use a high quality sustainable building material.

UltraTouch makes installation user-friendly. The inclusion of perforated batts allows for quick and easy off-size cavity installation. Simply measure, tear, fit and you’re done!

Blown-in Blanket (BIBS)

The Blow-In Blanket® system or the BIBS® system is a proven, state-of-the-art insulation system utilizing specially manufactured fiberglass blowing wools installed in the walls, floors, attics, or ceilings behind a proprietary fabric. The system forms a seamless blanket of insulation that completely fills around pipes, wires, and other objects inside the cavity to maximize thermal efficiency and performance of the building envelope. The BIBS system provides with the highest attainable R-values available today.


Insulate to save energy An energy efficient house is a better home. With Roxul Comf ort Batt ® insulation, it’s also a more comfortable living environment for you and your family. Roxul Comf ort Batt helps keep the outside outside, to keep your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. That also translates into reduced heating and air conditioning costs – and a house that is easier on the environment. R-value is the measurement of an insulation’s ability to prevent heat flow. The higher the R-value, the more insulating power it provides. Roxul Comf ort Batt is available in R15 and R23 to deliver top thermal performance. Additionally, while moisture significantly reduces the R-value of many other popular insulation materials, Roxul Comfort Batt does not store or transfer moisture so the R-value you install will remain the same year after year.

If you live in the Northern half of the US, chances are that a vapor barrier is required to control vapor transmission and minimize condensation in walls and ceilings. While many professional contractors feel that polyethylene is the best choice, you should always consult local building codes when determining whether or not to install a vapor barrier and if so, what product may be best to use.