ECI Blog
18 November 2015

10 Reasons to use Spray Foam

Spray Foam insulation is a product that has revolutionized building methods in the U.S. It is superior to traditional fiberglass insulation and has many advantages over other types of insulation.

1) Seals any and all air and moisture leaks-created an air and water tight seal even in the hardest to reach areas.

2) Makes home quieter-the sealant quality of the product reduce external noise and will reduce the noise of internal mechanical systems.

3) Home is more energy efficient- by blocking out air and moisture it reduces utility bill

4) Seals out dirt, particles and allergens-will keep your home cleaner and healthier by sealing out these small particles

5) Keeps pests out- insects and other vermin will not be able to penetrate the seal

6) Reduces wear & tear on heating and air-conditioning systems-by being more energy efficient your home mechanical system will not be as taxed to heat and cool the home.

7) Environmentally friendly-green spray foam materials are available. They are manufactured using soy and other natural materials. Also spray foam does not emit toxic vapors.

8) Makes buildings stronger-spray foam insulation adds rigidity and strength to any structure

9) Is fire resistant-spray foam insulation has been tested and is fire resistant.

10) Increases resale value of home- Because spray foam insulation is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and fire resistant your home will have an increased resale value.

While initially spray foam insulation can be more expensive to install than other forms of insulation, it does provided substantially energy savings monthly and continuously over the life of the home. It will not crack or break off so the sealant quality is never compromised.