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Why Choose ECI?

Why Choose ECI

We strongly believe that our foam crew’s installations are the best in the Oregon, simply ask any of our customers. For those who would like references, we will gladly provide a current list of builders and superintendents we've recently worked for. It is our company’s philosophy and commitment to getting the job done right, that sets our installations apart from most other companies. We are proud of our culture and the quality of the insulation work we perform on a daily basis.

At ECI Insulation we also believe that the installation of the foam is more important than the brand of foam, assuming the product meets the proper qualifications. Any product that is installed on a job site can be undermined by sloppy installation. This is true of framing materials, roof systems, sheetrock…foam is no different.

Foam insulation is not a panacea, as some foam manufactures and foam insulation contractors would like you to believe. We have inspected foam projects where the foam was installed poorly. We found areas where the depth was too shallow and worse, areas where the pressure envelope was not sealed with foam to the outside thus undermining one of the largest benefits of the foam.

Our philosophy is that workmanship and company culture are essential to achieving a quality job. Will Lebeda, owner of ECI Insulation, has been featured as a consumer advocate and expert multiple times. Insulation doesn’t receive the same scrutiny as other building systems since the consequences of poor insulation are usually not safety concerns, but rather compromised comfort and high utility bills.

When we apply spray foam on an attic lid, we don’t tell our crews how much foam to spray. They simply know to spray enough foam until the job is done correctly. There is no incentive to skimp on material. We also go to great lengths to protect the building – covering windows, decorative beams, heating & cooling units, recessed cans … with plastic keeping them free of foam over spray. Pre-spraying preparation, or “prepping” as we commonly call this, is as important as the spraying itself.

Call today and speak with one of our Insulation Professionals! Let ECI help you design an insulation package that will maximize the performance of your home as a system!

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