Weatherization is the process of protecting a building and its interior from the elements, such as precipitation, wind, and sunlight, and modifying a structure to optimize energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. While Insulation is used in the weatherization process, and weatherization is needed to do proper insulation, they are not the same thing. The focus of insulation is to reduce the conductive heat flow while weatherization primarily reduces convective heat flow.

At ECI we offer both insulation and full weatherization services to Central Oregon. Our comprehensive weatherization service includes:

  • Sealing Bypasses

    Bypasses around doors, windows, pipes or other places with high potential for heat loss.

  • Sealing Air Ducts

    Sealed with fiber-reinforced mastic, this can account for 20% of a homes heat loss.

  • Ventilation

    Providing proper ventilation to protect from the effects of condensation and heat loss.

  • Replacements

    Replacing or retrofitting older less energy efficient parts of your home with newer options.

  • Replacing Dampers

    Installing or replacing damper in exhaust ducts to prevent unwanted air from entering your home.

  • Examination

    We use infrared cameras to assess the heat flow and where leaks are throughout your home.


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Weatherization can also include the installation or repair of energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment such as water heaters, thermostats, furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, and more. Weatherization is about fixing issues with things already existing in the home and adding what is needed to be as energy efficient as possible.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

One of the biggest savers on monthly electrical bills is a Heat Pump Water Heater. Heat pump water heaters work by taking the warm air around them and funnels it into the water tank at a higher temperature; heat pump water heaters are usually installed near a home's furnace to take advantage of the excess heat it creates. On average by switching to a heat pump water heater, people save a minimum of 40 dollars a month, While using the same amount of water as before. This is significant monthly savings that can help to bring energy costs down and save money without sacrificing the way you use your water.

Attic Ventilation

With the incredible amount of snow we had last year in Central Oregon, most people know of the damages that can happen to your home from this kind of weather. There were many homes damaged by ice dams forming on the roof, either resulting in a leak or breaking through the ceiling if not dealt with appropriately. The primary cause of ice dams is inadequate attic ventilation. When the area under your roof isn't insulated well, it will give off heat melting the snow above the roof but leaves room for the ice to form over the gutters of the roof. This is why ice piles up on the gutters and water and snow get stuck behind it, running the risk of leaking or damaging your roof.

ECI's attic insulation is one of the safest, most secure ways to ensure that no ice dams will form on your roof. With our highly effective and eco-friendly insulation, we will eliminate the worry of ice dams damaging your home.

Benefits of Weatherization

Home Livability: Studies show that immediately and for years after a full home weatherization, living conditions are significantly higher than before the weatherization service had happened. The factors that contribute to what is labeled "livability" are things such as, if you were worried you could not afford food and energy bills, if you needed to get assistance for your energy bill, or how many days a month you get poor sleep.

If the cost is your concern with whether or not you can have your home weatherized, there are assistance programs that help many people. The requirements are different between the states, and even the counties have a say in the requirements. You can find the Weatherization Assistance Program Agencies in Oregon that show each county's different agency in charge of their program.

With the savings in your monthly energy bill and the possibility for State assistance, there is no reason not to have your home properly weatherized or have one of our professionals come out to conduct an energy audit. Having your home weatherized is an investment that offers significant savings and health benefits.

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